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08 September 2006 @ 09:28 pm
And the drama continues. A "Sober response from Bam. Again can you say "Pot. Kettle. Black."

Gee posted this:
CLICK HERE to read Bams (sober) response to Deron. Last night we were tipsy so some stuff didn't come out right .. and thats why I deleted the thread.

"Deron is so busy being negative in any direction even his own band could'nt hang out with him on the tours. Deron was my good friend back in the beginning of cky days but things change. As far as drinking goes deron went a few days not drinking on the scandinavia tour after rehab, then he started sneaking booze in his bunk. I dont think the actual act of drinking is the problem, its the pills and mixing different kinds of liquor that makes deron a spaz and is negative torward everything. Even torwards his own fans shouting "fuck cky!" in vermont. sounds like deron needs to sit on a mountain top for a while and realize life is too short to hate everything.- BAM"

More from Gee.
Originally Posted by lynn117
"in the beginning it seemed to be more about friends and family having a good time"

Ryan Gee

"and it still is....."

Ange is the coolest person ever for this.

Originally Posted by kavousi
"Wait a sec.... Bam had to sober up to write a new response to tattle on Deron's drinking?? Um, Hi kettle, this is pot, you are black!!"

"This response is so not making in better. Bam has more face to lose if Deron decides to start popping off about all of Bam's 'issues' and let more dirt fly."

"Damn, so much for men being logical and crap. This is no better than a bitchfest on Bam's World!!"

"Like I said in the journal .... we were trashed last night. And Bam wrote a response, I posted it ... and this morning we read it and realized it was blaburish, then deleted it. So he re-wrote it again in a better mind state."
The End .....


"The sober response is just as bad. It sounds petty and bitchy."

"We love Bam and CKY, but Bam is majorly missing the point and the fans are reacting to it...all over the place and saying the same thing. It doesnt matter if we are right or wrong, we do not know them... but if we get so turned off by a person, in this case a celeb, it will be 'The End' for them. We make them rich and famous."

"nd its really across the board, from the young teens on BMMB to older fans, everyone is pretty much in agreement, Bam is doing a lot of crap that worries and/ or pisses fans off these days."

"Gee... that is just being sincere, not pissy. Kissing Bam's ass just because he is Bam is too easy... I think it means a lot more when people (friends and fans) stand up and say, 'we adore you to no freakin end, but WTF is up with you lately???'"

kavousi on September 9th, 2006 06:35 am (UTC)

I just don't get why Bam, sober, couldnt have said,"Look, Deron and I are both very opinionated and hard headed and that's why I love and respect him, even if we disagree, alot". Period.

And if Gee gets pissy back to me (and why cant he ever be questioned or disagreed with, its just Gee!), my final ban worthy post will mention that he's kissed Bam's ass for over a decade...and it still hasnt been good enough for him to be in the same category as Dunn, in Bam's mind and heart. Maybe if he showed some balls and told the little prick off, Bam might respect him more...and he wouldnt be the door mat friend, syncophantic pal that he is now.

I just read a buttload of Ask CKYs from Deron from this month...and he is very positive about everything but crap music, even Bam.

Gryffindor, Seventh Year: -B; Curly hair! (by me)ilovemyhobbits on September 9th, 2006 06:52 am (UTC)
Thanks for posting that. Bam just doesn't like being wrong. *rolls eyes*